These are things that happen in my life.

On November 9, I was on my way to Pittsburg to see my old friend Aaron Eberly. We had a weekend of hanging out all planned out.
On my way out, I pit stopped in Columbus, Ohio to get my haircut (and beard trimmed) as well as to grab a pour over from one of my favorite shops up there, One Line Coffee.
As I was making my way to get back on the highway I stopped at a stop sign to let cars merge from the left. While I was stopped, a car came from behind and slammed into the back of my car. This was very unfortunate. My coffee exploded out of my hand, covering my clothes and my car. After hours of waiting for the cops etc my good friend Brett came and picked me up and I stayed at his place for the night. Saturday AM I obtained a rental and drove to Pittsburgh and had a grand time with my buddy Aaron.
I drove the rental for 20 days, and after that borrowed a car from a friend for a week.
Then after much searching, the greatest thing happened. A car fell in my lap. Not literally, that would be terribly uncomfortable. 

A lady that comes into the shop, Jan Campasano, told me her neighbor, Barbara Moorfield was selling her 1994 Acura Integra. It was a 4 door, 5 speed manual. Her late husband Bill had purchased it in November of 1994 brand new from the dealer. She told me how it was Bill’s favorite car by far he had ever driven. It had been driven 7,000 miles in the last 6 years, and none at all in the last year. It had under 50,000 miles on. It had been garaged for the life of the car. They regularly took it to the repair shop, the same one since they purchased it. I bought it for $3600. Since buying it Barbara has come into the shop with Jan and we have talked. She is the sweetest lady ever, and in tribute to her and Bill, I have named the car Moorfield. This makes the 5th car I have driven in my illustrious 10 year driving career. I believe this is my favorite so far. 

Is it because I am bored? I don’t know, I suppose so. I probably won’t post anything about this on Facebook, then again maybe I will. It’s 2013 kids. I am not going to start off the year by lying on here, it feels good, like having a clean slate. One day you are bogged down by the troubles of the year, the next, you feel invincible! I have a lot of ideas about things I would like to do in 2013. Make more strides as a band, as a barista, as a christian, and as a human in general. So far so good. Canoes is about to release a new single. I am growing as barista everyday learning new things and improving my craft. I have “traveled” two weekends out of the month so far, and am moving towards a lot fo good things with my relationship with Christ. Maybe I won’t spew out every detail of every day on here, but hopefully I’ll throw stuff up here pretty often. This is essentially for you Kevin.

Let’s talk about me going to see other bands perform live.
After arriving home from Columbus on Tuesday morning I met up with my friend Allie and together we went to relive our HS days music at Vans Warped Tour.
It was pretty awesome. It was crazy hot. We are old and did our best to stay in the shade as much as possible. We were able to see some pretty solid bands and I will now list the highlights.
YellowCard (I teared up during Ocean Avenue as a wave of nostalgia washed over me)
Taking Back Sunday (Geoff from Thursday came out and sang on Cute Without the E and Make Damn Sure)
New Found Glory (relatively boring, if I am being honest, but still good)
Transit (just found out about them, they were awesome, bought their cd and talked with singer about musical influences for 15 minutes)
Let It Happen (my friend Sean’s band, they played an awesome set)
There were several other bands that I wanted to see and just couldn’t including Polar Bear Club, Title Fight, and Koji.
Overall it was a great time, and we survived! Post concert Zips may have been the greatest thing ever btw.

Ok so next up. Coldplay. Thursday I departed from Cincinnati with my siblings Karina, Khristian, and Kirtis heading to East Rutherford, NJ via Quakertown, PA. We arrived at our Aunt and Uncle’s house around 10:30 and after chatting for a few minutes hit the hay.
The next day we woke up and heading to a local Diner for breakfast with our Uncle Jon. We met our cousin Jason there and put away a large amount of breakfast food while catching up on each others lives. It was perfect.
We left around 4pm and arrived at the Izod Center around 6:45 just in time for the opening acts.
Colpdplay came on around 9pm.
Here’s the thing. I have seen Coldplay before, 3 years ago when they came to Cincinnati. It was probably the best show I have ever seen and it seriously affected my life. I thought perhaps this was largely due to not having seen them before (or even a concert that big), so this time around it would be good, but not the same. Boy, was I wrong.
Upon arrival into the arena, everyone was giving a bracelet, and when they opened their set with Mylo Xyloto they all went off. What happened to me at that moment can only be described as a “once in lifetime experience”. No one was expecting the effect it would have on us. The place went nuts, and I literally had trouble breathing as I grabbed my sisters arm and tried to process what was happening. You may think that I am over dramatizing this, but I assure you I am not.
The whole show was out of this world and the songs off Mylo were so good live.
I don’t really think I can go into any more detail, there isn’t much point. If you ever have the chance to see them live, ignore the price of any ticket and just go. You won’t regret it.

I went on vacation, saw Coldplay, and played a solo show all since my last update. Why the hell would I not update when I have so many exciting things to tell you about? That is a good question.
From time to time, as I am sure I have explained before, I lose all motivation and desire to update this blog. It’s not that I don’t want to tell you what’s been going on, I do. I just can’t bring myself to type the words.
I should do several recap posts. I will do my best. I also just want to clarify that yes, I do often leave out details on this blog. If you want the “real scoop” you can just ask me. However, I still may not tell you.
This blog is in place to serve two purposes. Wait, actually maybe three. The first is selfish. It is so that I can read back over the events that transpired and remember how great even the smallest things in life are. The second, is to keep people that I don’t get to talk to every day (or week, or month, or year) in the loop of what is going on in my life. The third, is to keep up with writing, as it is something that I have always enjoyed.
So here is to a healthy spurt of blogging!

I go through phases where I update religiously and then phases when I for whatever reason cannot find the motivation to write a single sentence. The past week I have been in the latter phase, clearly.
A decent amount happened I suppose so I will summarize.
I have continued preparing a lot of my food, which not only makes me feel better physically, but has reduced the amount of money I spend eating out almost completely. This is good considering how much money I seem to be spending on gas.

The Crew game this past weekend was the worst ever. We lost 2-0 to KC and these punks in our section jumped us after the game. The silver lining was the fact that I got Eric Gehrig’s game jersey. Yeah, that was pretty sweet, thanks Eric.

Last Tuesday bish got home from Europe and Stuart and I went up to the parents house to meet him. We also had a little get together for him at our place on Friday night, which was a lot of fun.
Sunday soccer was hot, but a decent turnout made Bish’s first week back an overall success.

I have been keeping up with my workouts almost daily although on more than one occasion (Including Monday and today) I have forgone the early morning workout for a post work routine.

Band practice has been happening every week and yesterday was Brian’s first practice back since vacation. Caleb wasn’t able to make it so last night’s practice was mostly just getting Brian back on track. Tonight will be our last practice prior to Saturday’s big show. If you are in the Cincinnati area, you really should come out and bring a few friends, it will be a good time.

What else…..oh Newsroom continues to be the best show on tv, although I have been enjoying Workaholics and Breaking Bad just started up again Sunday night with an amazing episode. I have been filling the cracks with Arrested Development, HIMYM, The League, Bob’s Burgers,  and Archer.

Huxley continues to be  the cat equivalent of a bitch. Needy as ever, although I think we may have fixed the pooping on the floor problem. Fingers crossed.

Work has been pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary to report.

My friends in Emily and the Complexes played Bunbury Music Festival Friday. I had to work so I went down after and they had my name on a list to get in for free. It was great to hang out with them, even though I missed their set. Saw Brian and Mallory and then Joe Dunlap as well, we watched Ra Ra Riot together and I am now an official fan, they were awesome.

That’s about all I think. Thanks to Caitlin for nagging me to finally write again. It feels good.

After a late night Sunday, it was very difficult to get up on Monday morning. I somehow did though and snuck in a core workout before work. I whipped up some chicken eggs, (4 whites, one yolk), grabbed a banana and charged into the day!
Work was tiring. Not too busy but I was just whipped. Had several regulars come in and it was nice to catch up. On my lunch I headed home where I prepped raw tuna with two egg whites (really good actually) and cut up some fresh raw broccoli. After washing it down with a glass of water, I laid down and hit a deep nap. Upon waking my breath was so bad from the broccoli, I almost threw up. Work seemed to go by pretty quickly, and my 4:30 meal was a greek yogurt. My stomach was still kind of upset (I believe from the raw broccoli). When I got off work, I went home and fell asleep again.
Caitlin came over and we watched Newsroom with Stuart. This is officially my new favorite tv show. It is fast paced and dialogue driven and I love it.
In between episodes we went to Whole Foods where I bought my dinner for the night and tomorrow.
Ps, I love Newsroom, it’s my new favorite show. Wait, did I say that already? Well it’s true, it is.

Sunday it was off to church to play worship! Service went great, and was followed by a good lunch/hang with Adam, Michael, Justin and Annie. After lunch we decided that we should hang out that night around 7.
Soccer went great, we had about 14 people show up and we ended up playing until about 4:30.
It was crazy hot out. We had cloud cover in the middle for a while but when the sun came back out it was twice as hot. I actually put on sunscreen too.
I headed over to the parents after where I showered and laid around until it was time to head over to Justin and Annies.
The Cantrells started going to Journey back in December and we’ve become pretty decent friends over the past few months. They have been married for 3 years and recently moved back in with Annie’s parents in Liberty Township to save money to put down on their own place.
We turned on the Crew game and played a game of Uno while we watched our boys lose 2-1 to Montreal. We played some more until Michael left, then Annie went to bed and Justin and I stayed up talking about nutrition and meal plans etc. It is always really encouraging to talk to someone about these types of things as it gives you a renewed sense of energy and commitment. I left their place around 11:30 and headed to Kroger to do my grocery shopping.

Fridays have always been the best day of the week. Saturdays are great but the anticipation of Saturday (In my humble opinion) makes the day prior that much better.
This last Friday was no exception. Caitlin met me for breakfast at First Watch and we enjoyed lovely conversation over the best breakfast food out there.
I then proceeded to go home and lay around with Huxley for a while. I’ll say too long. But finally I had some motivation and I worked out. Felt great after, as always.
I then went to work and picked up my check which I immediately drove to the bank and deposited. I then headed up to West Chester to have dinner with my family. My sister Karina’s bf Chaz’s parents were in town so the fam had them over for pizza. My mother made 5 pizzas, I ate about 4 pieces. So good.
After dinner, I hung around for a few then headed back to my apt where I started remixing a Canoes song on Garageband. Stuart and I got really into it before my interest died out and I watched tv with Evan and Stuart until I fell asleep.
Saturday morning I woke up at 9:30 am and drove to CVG where I picked up my friend Katie who was flying in from visiting her parents in LA. I dropped her off at her place in Northside then drove up to Montgomery and met Luke at First Watch.
When I say I am addicted to First Watch, I need you to understand that I addicted to First Watch. It is my favorite place to eat, period.
After an amazing breakfast (of course), we went back to Luke’s place where we jumped right into tracking out the core structure to some new songs. It felt really good to be back in the saddle so to speak.
We went to the 4:30 pm Crossroads service where they are currently in the middle of a series entitled “The Good Life”. It was a great service. Everything from the stage set, to the music, and the teaching. I try to go to  the 4:30 service whenever I am able to. It’s really relaxing and refreshing.
We then headed back up north where we ordered Chipotle and hit up the pool at Luke and Sarah’s apartment complex. We ate by the pool and then chilled in the pool for a bit before they left to get ice cream and I headed back down my way.
My boss Jennifer and her husband Brian’s neighborhood was having a block party so I decided to stop by. There were a ton of people out and I hung out around the pool until the fireworks show then headed back to their place and went swimming with everyone. There were a lot of kids there, and I was reminded once again of how much I love hanging with kids. My youngest brother Kameron is 13 so there isn’t a lot of the “kidness” around as much anymore. We played “Jump, Twist, and Dive” and had a biggest and littlest splash contest. After awhile we all headed inside and ate food and watched the Reds hang on to a win. I then headed home and went directly to bed.

Thursday I was unable to drag myself out of bed to run. This is not something I like to be in the habit of doing, however it felt unavoidable at the time.
I don’t remember much about work that day, each day at the shop is so similar to the next, they all run together.
I had several visits in the morning. Michael, one of our regulars came in and we talked about movies and stuff as usual. Pj came in for a bit too and brought me some tuna salad from the Hyde Park Fish Market. It was amazing. My dad called around 10:30 and asked what I was doing for lunch and so at noon I met him over at El Jinete for some amazing Mexican food.
Coming back from lunch I do remember the afternoon dragging along extra slow, however knowing that I was off for the next 3 days made it bearable.
Upon leaving work, I headed home and watched a little Breaking Bad. Luke and Doyle can over around 7:30 and we walked over to S***bucks to get iced coffees. We then hung out in the kitchen (my new thing) and talked about music and life till just after ten at which point they left.
I stayed up for a bit, working on band stuff on the computer and listening to Vacationer non stop. A solid day in the books.

Yesterday was the 4th of July. Looking back, this day has evolved so much year to year when it comes to how it plays out in my life.
I remember living on Hollywood Dr and all the kids would have fireworks that they bought in Indiana. For the weeks surrounding the 4th there were constantly fireworks being set off in every direction. The sound of that still brings back so many memories of living on Hollywood. Through those years we would always go see fireworks as a family on the night of the 4th. From there it transitioned into going to see fireworks with friends, and then over the past few years not going at all. For whatever reason I just have no desire to go out and be surrounded with a bunch of strangers to watch hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks being shot into the sky and explode. I kind of wish that I still wanted to, you know, relive the experiences I had as a kid But this year came and went with nothing changing. Dusk arrived and I retreated indoors to escape the heat.
I woke up around 10:30 yesterday and worked out. I was out of eggs so after my shower, I ate a yogurt and a couple oreos Stuart had just bought. I sat on my bed and played the piano for a bit. I wrote out a little idea I had and sent it to Luke. We are going to try and write it out a bit on Saturday.
After this I hopped in the car, purchased some fuel and started my drive up to Delaware to hang out with the family at Uncle Dan’s. It was real low key. I caught up a bit with Uncle Dan and then we ate around 5. After dinner everyone sat around and talked, I passed out in a chair and when I woke up, Kirtis and I drove home. We had a great drive home. We talked most of the way home and even missed the 675 exit we were having such a good time.
I hung around the house for a few and then headed back down to my place. Put 260 miles on the civic and called it a day.
Stuart was finishing up dinner (my leftover chicken from the night before) and Jenna came over and the 3 of us watched the movie Cyrus. I was so tired I was fighting to stay awake at the end. I gladly went to bed after the movie and coma slept until morning.